Yearly Themes

Assigned Themes for 2019-2020 Competition Year

This competition season we are returning to themes that challenge you both creatively and technically. As you'll see below there are a number of new ways to express your problem-solving and creative abilities.

September 2020

Reflections:   Find your subject reflected in water, glass, a chrome toaster, or whatever else you might have in mind.


November 2020

Simplicity:  Don't overthink it.


January 2021

Textures:  Sand on a beach, gravel road, bark on a tree. Textures can be smooth as well.


March 2021

Curves:  Windy roads, curvy staircase, riverbanks, arched doorway, just to name a few.


May 2021

Abstract:  Capture a subject in a way it is not usually seen.