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The Wasatch Camera Club provides a rich and enjoyable environment in which to improve your photography skills with activities that support our educational goal. These include workshops, field trips, lectures, exhibits, competitions and one-on-one mentoring. Nothing is mandatory so you have complete flexibility to choose areas most appropriate for your interests. Here is a short summary of each:


The club attracts some top local and regional photographers who share their expertise in small groups where you’ll definitely want to bring a notebook. The names include Guy Tal, Brenda Tharp, Tom Till, James Kay, Drake Busath, Rick Sammon, and George Lepp to name only a few.


These events help answer every photographer’s question, “how am I doing?” In competition you will see where you stand not only against club photographers, but hear candid comments from a panel of qualified judges. No more, “that looks great,” from spouses, pals, or significant others who politely respond, but may not know much about photography.

Field Trips and Overnight Field Trips

Antelope Island, Bonneville Salt Flats, Great Salt Lake, Zion Park, Vermillion Cliffs and don’t forget Moab are all haunts of club field trips. Not only area based, the club has some overnight field trips that included the San Juan Skyway, the Palouse, Yellowstone and Tuscany, Italy. We’ve also had trips specifically aimed at nightscape photography with guidance by Shayne Shaw an expert at working under the dark skies. You’ll go with folks who know the area and share points of interest.


Need personal help on HDR, Photoshop, Lightroom, landscape photography? We’ll connect you with a club member who can work with you on your area of interest.


An opportunity to literally show your stuff at local gallery along with other members of the club. Grow your printing and framing skills and perhaps sell some of your work.


Okay, drag out your camera and participate in a workshop on off-camera flash, or street photography. Or perhaps, a workshop on Lightroom CC Classic or Photoshop CC.

Now it’s up to you. If you're ready to expand your skills, meet fellow photographers, and get out and shoot, please join us – for a better image.


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