The Grace of Dunes

copyright: Jeff Clay

No matter how chaotic and complicated one’s life may seem, a walk among patterns reaffirms the beauty and simplicity that surrounds us. Little expresses this better than sand dunes.

The pure art and natural law of forms and shapes, lines and curves, filled with light or the absence of it; with patterns — sand ripples or waves — everywhere you look…these are the dunes. Especially when the sun is low and its rays angular, it is a glorious place to wander with much to photograph and more to see. 

Someone (in-)famously quipped that if you have seen one sequoia tree you’ve seen them all. And I suppose someone could say the same about a dune. But did that person ever look at the bark and branches, trunk and root of the sequoia? Or at the ripples stretching beneath his feet to an inky pool of shadow below, while bright lines of light play above, across the high ridge crests? These are unique things and moments, if not to the insensitive mind, to those experientially open.

For surely if the devil is in the details, the god is as well.