Cuban Travelogue by John Nellist

At the end of a trip have you ever wondered how to share your images with your friends? One option is to prepare a short video with accompanying music. Back in 2019 the club treasurer, John Nellist, participated in a cultural tour of Cuba with his wife’s Karen alumni travel program at Lewis & Clark college in Portland, OR. Though the focus of the tour was to provide an insight into the culture, history and music of Cuba, there were still opportunities for photography. Being an avid photographer, John took many images and the other trip participants wanted to see them. Distributing a link to a portfolio is always one option, but John decided to prepare the attached video with accompanying music from one of the bands they had seen playing in Havana. There are now many software products available for preparing these videos, but for simplicity John used the Slideshow module within Lightroom which allows the addition of music and creation of title pages during the sequence of images. The video was well received by all the other trip participants and is now being used by the tour operator to promote this cultural tour in the future.

Video Link