Costa Rica Photo Tour by Cindy Costa

In July 2023, Newsletter Director Cindy Costa participated in an 8-day photo tour along the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. The Osa Peninsula is located in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica and is known as one of the most remote destinations in Costa Rica and the whole of Central America.

The tour leader, Jeff Cable, was highly recommended by a friend of hers from her California camera club days. In addition to wanting to experience the beauty of Costa Rica and the many species of wildlife she hoped to see, the other motivating factor for selecting this tour was that participants stayed in a resort that had a number of rainforest species a short walk from their rooms. From San José (the capital of Costa Rica) the group traveled to the peninsula in single-prop 12-seater planes. While on the peninsula, they traveled in vans with the tour leader and local guides to areas that were known for various species of wildlife. In addition to the days spent in the rainforest, they spent a day on the bay photographing dolphins and whales, a day on the Sierpe River, and another doing macro photography with frogs, snakes and lizards. 

The slideshow is 5 1/2 minutes long and set to an instrumental piano solo called “Early Morning Range” by George Winston. We hope you enjoy the slideshow as much as Cindy enjoyed photographing the incredible wildlife of the Osa Peninsula.

Costa Rica Video