Nightscape Photography Post-Processing Workshop by Clarence Spencer

Aug 06, 2020 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


imagejpeg 0 gigFollowing on the heels of his well-attended and very informative Astro & Nightscape Photography workshop presentation last month, Clarence will return to conduct a Nightscape Photography Post-Processing workshop. Several of those who attended June's event have asked for one focused on this and now we will have that. Here is what Clarence has to say about this workshop...

"Learn the best practices, techniques and tools for editing your Nightscape and Night Sky images. Everything from setting up Photoshop for the highest image quality, shortcut keys, hidden tools, etc. The In addition to Photoshop, other software programs and plug-ins that I regularly use will be covered in detail so that the attendees will understand not only how to use the tools but also understand the often confusing interfaces. These concepts and techniques will be covered: multiple image stacking and image stitching; the power of RAW file processing; color correction, color grading, and color masking; noise control and reduction; luminosity layers and masks, image compositing; and image problem corrections."

It will be a very rich workshop.

This event will only be open to current club members and will be conducted via Zoom.

Registration is now closed. Please email with any questions.

"Dead Horse Point Milky Way" copyright Clarence Spencer |