Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Sunset, Full Moon Shoot at the Great SaltAir Round 2

Field Trips
Jul 21, 2024 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm



setting moon over the great saltair utah doug sims

PC : Doug Sims

Last year we had weather move in and shut us out of the full moon. We did get some incredible photos of the storm clouds moving in and sunset in spite of mother nature but let's hope this year she will open up the clear skies for our event.

In addition to camera equipment, attendees should plan to bring the following equipment/supplies:

1. Camp Chair

2. Tripod

3. Bug Spray(I use TerraShield- it reflects EPA guidelines and regulations as a registered repellent in the U. S. and has tested at great than 90% efficacy for more than four hours).

4. Netting hood to keep bugs off your face/head in case the bugs are out.

5. Water - It is a bit warm in July even though it does cool down as the sun goes down.

6. Snacks just in case you might get hungry