Evaluating & Working with Light in Photography: A Presentation by Nic Stover

Mar 02, 2021 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Evaluating Working with Light Webpage Cover

Join San Luis Obispo, California based professional landscape and nature photographer Nic Stover for a Zoom presentation entitled Evaluating and Working with Light in Landscape Photography on the evening of March 2nd (6:30-8pm).

In this Wasatch Camera Club presentation Nic will talk about how you see the light and, using your camera, how you make decisions to capture the scene before you. This is not about controlling nature's light, but about controlling how the camera captures it. There are many ways to consider the quality of light within our photography. We need to think about not only what we can do with what we see in the field but also what we can manage during post-processing. Nic will focus on light with an eye to evaluating: how to work with the light one is given; how to select images for portfolios; and how to look for simple ways to correct minor distractions at the computer. This should all lead to greater confidence for your photographic self expression.

Nic considers the study of light to be one of our most important pursuits in photography. In short, this presentation will increase your understanding of how to work with light.

Some of the topics covered in this presentation include but are not limited to:

  1. Discovering how we view light vs how our camera views light.
  2. Exploring how the viewers eye moves through images, from the warms and cools to the brights and darks.
  3. Discovering the true value of light in our images.
  4. Learning how photographers describe and talk about light.
  5. Furthering your understanding of the ways in which light interacts with our scenes.
  6. Developing skills to effectively use light in your images.
  7. Finding new ways you can break out of your normal mode of working with light.

A Q&A will follow and a video of the presentation will be made available to WCC members.

This is a members only event. Registration will be handled by Nic Stover via the URL below (only current logged in members will see the link):