Hanging Guidelines

Guidelines need be followed in order to participate in the exhibits:

  • All prints must be “presentation-ready”
    • Typically that means traditional framing, gallery wraps, metal (aluminum) prints and acrylic prints.
    • If traditional framing — meaning wood or metal molding, sometimes an overlay mat, and usually glass or acrylic to protect the print — if you are comfortable doing so, you can always save money by matting and framing the images yourself.
    • Regardless of the finished presentation format decided upon, the Exhibits Committee can make recommendations for both framing shops and print shops.
  • Presentation sizes are usually
    • Not to be smaller than 11×14
    • Not to be larger than 40″ on the longest side
    • Exceptions are possible so ask if in doubt
  • All finished pieces must have a wire on the back for hanging.
  • All finished pieces should have a tag on back with the photographer’s name, the title of the piece and at least one form of contact (phone, email, etc.).
  • Prints entered into an exhibit must remain there for the duration of the exhibit.

if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email the Exhibits Committee Director.

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