Exhibiting Guidelines

Until the advent of electronic media, photography always resulted in the making of prints. Photographs printed on different media were the only methodology for the sharing of images. As well, for many of us in the club the print can be the ultimate expression of photography.

There are several reasons for the Wasatch Camera Club to participate in various exhibits. The primary reason is for you to experience what it’s like to have your work displayed in a public place and receive recognition for your efforts. You may also have an opportunity to sell your work at various venues.

A second reason is to allow you to be part of an exhibit without trying to do one solo. It’s much easier (and less expensive!) to have one or two prints prepared for a group show than twenty or thirty or forty for a solo show. Exhibiting with the Wasatch Camera Club can gain you valuable experience for the eventual day that you decide to have your own show.

Exhibiting the club’s work will also help promote the club within the various communities where it is presented.

Lastly, having a photograph printed will acquaint many with the processes and realities of creating high quality prints for exhibiting. Producing a print as your end product introduces additional processes that are not normally considered when solely producing digital images. For instance, ending with a quality print begins with initially creating a quality digital image. When printing, any in-camera and post-processing flaws the photographer has introduced are more readily revealed as compared to producing images for online consumption. Additionally, creative decisions about presentation — print media such as paper type, metal, acrylic, etc. — as well as frame type, color, etc., all can contribute to an overall aesthetically pleasing product.

How Does it Work?

Occasionally the club will sponsor workshops and seminars to learn how best to present our work to the public. These can include sessions dedicating to print-making as well as framing.

The Exhibits Committee — comprised of club volunteers — develops both exhibit themes and venue sites. Usually we will need to pitch the theme to a particular venue. Other times a venue is happy for us to have an “open” unthemed show.

Exhibits are announced with club emails and on the website and calls-for-submissions are facilitated via the website. The Exhibits Committee acts as curators with the twin goals of obtaining the highest quality show and trying to have as many members exhibit as space may permit.

Of course, there are some guidelines — they can be found here: Presentation Guidelines.

Who is Eligible?

All active club members are encouraged to participate.


Don’t hesitate to email the Exhibits Committee Director.

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