Day Trip Guidelines

Day field trips offer club members an informal opportunity to get together, shoot, and exchange ideas on images. Trips are always completed within a single day. Most trips do not last more than half a day. Most trips are scheduled on the weekends or evenings to accommodate as many members as possible. The cost associated with the day trips is usually minimal. Some trips require tickets for admission at various venues.

The club attempts to provide a wide range of subject matter to appeal to the differing tastes of the membership and to push members out of their comfort zones. Sometime trips will complement a club workshop, offering a way to practice what was previously learned.

Club members will usually be required to RSVP through a club website form. This allows organizers to notify attendees of details of and possible changes to the trip. Trips are sometimes very dependent on weather. Also, some trips will need to limit attendance, in which case a random lottery is performed to select attendees.

The club bulletin is the place to find the upcoming trips. Normally there will be one trip a month. So, please join us soon!

Questions regarding day field trips can be emailed to us!

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