Beyond Sand Dunes, An Exploration of Death Valley

Death Valley offers some of the most diverse geology of all our national parks.  The photographic opportunities are as unique as they are stunning. The salt pans, sand dunes, and cracked earth textures make for rich and ever-changing scenery. Join this multi-day club outing to explore, shoot, and enjoy this fascinating and beautiful desert landscape. 

Cottonball BasinThe club has reserved a limited number of discounted rooms at the Stovepipe Wells Motel.  This does not mean that we’ll limit the number of participants.  This is a trip that can accommodate a large group of us, potentially breaking into smaller groups with different daily itineraries.  If more people register for this event than we have rooms available, we will conduct a lottery for the rooms.  If you don’t get a room in the lottery, you may either try to book a non-discounted room at the motel, or camp at the Stovepipe Wells campground (full hookups available).  All participants must register.  For registration and more information click here.

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