Shutter Up Social: Windows


Event Details


We are very pleased by the amount of people joining our Shutter Up Social event!  Topics have been challenging and inspiring.  Please join us for the next Shutter Up Social on March 11 at 6:30PM via zoom.  We will catch up on the activities of our fellow photographers and share our photos.  The topic for March is: WINDOWS. Sizes, shapes and colors of windows.  Stained glass windows, sky scraper windows, church windows. People looking out of windows. People looking into windows. Landscapes outside windows framed.  Reflections in windows.  Broken windows.  Art glass windows.  We look forward to your artistic and meaningful interpretation.

Per usual, Shutter Up Social is for members and you will need to register. Once you register you will be sent a confirmation email with the Zoom link in it. If after 10 minutes or so you do not receive the confirmation email please check your spam folder. If you still have not received the confirmation, please email