Shutter Up-Boats, Bridges and Tunnels


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Shutter Up Social-Boats, Bridges and Tunnels

Boats have been an endless wonder in size, shape, and function throughout millennia. They have served man in so many different ways and have become indispensable. Craftsmanship plays an important part of function, but artistic interpretation plays a big part not only in function but also beauty. Any way you look at boats, they are a marvel of manmade invention. Bridges are architectural wonders that span long or short distances, and allow easy access across waters and chasms. Bridges are a feat of engineering explored and manipulated through time and could be said to be works of art. Burrowing underground has helped man get to where he wants to go. Mountains are not roadblocks if a shorter route is desired, and a tunnel for trains or cars can provide access that would otherwise be a circuitous route.  We will explore these manmade marvels at our Shutter Up Social April 17th at 6:30 PM via Zoom. Please register and a Zoom link will be sent in a confirmation email. See you then.

Photo credit and copyrighted by Mary Whitesides

Photo this page-Junket on Halong Bay in Vietnam

Photo on calendar -Sixth Street Viaduct in downtown Los Angeles.