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Wasatch Camera Club members will have the opportunity to participate in three (!) exhibits this year (details to be posted soon on the WCC website). Mark Thompson, a fellow club member, is offering a workshop on printing and framing, with an emphasis on overall presentation.

The print workshop will cover the following:

  • How highlights and shadows appear on paper
  • Cropping, sizing and the DPI required to get good results
  • Media types, ICC profiles and custom adjustments
  • Hands on printing, mounting and framing a photo (or two) with a look at the tools he uses
  • Insights into exhibiting

Mark is offering an opportunity to have your own image printed and framed at this workshop.  For the purpose of the workshop, he is suggesting 18” by 24” print size. He will give you a hands on experience with printing and mounting. If you wish, he will add an 18” x 24” frame (frame to be made prior to workshop). Cost to participants that wish to have a photo printed at the workshop are:

-$30 for 18” by 24” fine art print mounted on Ultraboard and ready for a frame

-$30 for 18” by 24” frame with loops and hooks

Things you should know:

  • Mark’s studio space is small so there is a limit of 9 people per session.
  • There will be 2 sessions; one on Wednesday, February 7th and the second on Wednesday, February 28th, both at 6:30 PM. Watch closely as each date has a separate registration page. 
  • To allow for more people to attend, please sign up for one session only. This workshop is for members only.
  • If your plans change, let us know so that we can fill the space from the waitlist. If the session is full, please put your name on the waitlist.
  • There is no charge for the workshop, but there are costs to having an image printed, mounted and/or framed. Please be prepared to pay for work done at the workshop (see above for costs).  Mark is also accepting orders to be printed at a later date.
  • Workshop location is 174 E Pioneer Ave, Sandy, UT (there is some off street parking in the driveway and some room along E 8530 S or S 160 E ).

Mark Thompson’s bio- Mark is originally from New Zealand and now calls Salt Lake City home. He is a current member of Wasatch Camera Club. His work is largely a documentary of life on earth, with an eye for composition, while retaining the fullest sense of reality and preserving it with the highest degree of precision and detail. The world around us is so infinitely complex that he wants to capture it faithfully. Over time, he moved from film to digital. His mirrorless crop sensor camera gave way to a full frame DSLR, which in turn gave way to the Hasselblad digital medium format cameras that he shoots today.  The medium format sensors have a terrific tonal range and resolution, which is key for printing. Hahnemuhle fine art cotton rag has become his preferred medium for fine art giclee’ prints, which have to be seen to be believed. There is a luxurious texture, clarity and color depth that carries the precision and detail of the Hasselblad images perfectly and reproduces moments in time faithfully. The large format photos literally open windows to the places he has been; places that inspire and simply bring delight.

To make the presentation of a photo even better, he mounts and frames the photos to get them ready for home or exhibition. The whole process has become incredibly satisfying; from capturing the shots, to seeing them hanging on a wall. He has learned a lot along the way, from the gear we all shoot to what makes an image look good on paper, to how to present it, and what it has been like running his own exhibitions.

Photographer : flickr.com/markthompson-media

Videographer : vimeo.com/markthompsonmedia

Social Profile : instagram.com/markthompsonmedia