PSA Portrait Competition Image Analysis Webinar

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You are kindly invited to the 4th Image Analysis Webinar on 21 May 2022 being conducted by the Photographic Society of America – Projected Image Division (PID) as part of the activities of the Portrait Individual Competition.


There will be two sessions; Session 1 will have only two panelist presenting the critique, while Session 2 will have all three panelists. Session 1 is being conducted to make it convenient for members in Australia and Far East to attend the webinar.


Each session is anticipated to be for max 90 minutes and members can attend both sessions if they wish. We will have the 3 Jury Members of Round 3 Competition presenting image analysis. The specific images to be critiqued have been randomly selected by the Panel and not necessarily award winning ones of Round 3. Consent from the authors of these images have been received. The panel will also present their insights on Portrait Photography and Judges perspective apart from showcasing their personal works. 


Please keep the Video 'ON' (show your face) to make it lively and interactive (also for the group photo at the end of the session!). Attendees can raise their 'hands' using the Zoom icon, speak when allowed or type in their questions in the Chat. Q&A at the end of critique by each Panel member and at the end of the session if required. 

Mohammed Arfan Asif, APSA, MPSA, EFIAP/d1, FRPS, Director – PSA PID Portrait Competition and 2nd Vice Chair – PSA PID Board