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What makes a good image?  Why is one image better than another?  What resonates with viewers? The Wasatch Camera Club is hosting an Image Analysis workshop, which is offered by the Photographic Society of America and a WCC member opportunity.

The Image Analysis Workshop is a 2-3 hour workshop offered to PSA-member clubs and councils. It is an introduction to analyzing images and is similar to the online course offered to PSA individual members. The workshop is presented by a trained leader to cover topics such as: what is image analysis; analyzing an image using elements such as impact, composition, lighting, and creativity; and identifying trouble areas such as distractions and split interest. It also covers eye movement.

The workshop is a “hands-on,” interactive course limited to eight active participants and unlimited observers who do not participate in the workshop. The first part of the workshop incorporates example images corresponding to the topic being discussed. Each participant will analyze an image related to the subject just covered. The second part of the workshop uses images submitted by the participants who then discuss and critique each other’s images. This workshop has been an effective tool in providing information to improving one’s photography.

Registration is required and is for members. Please register for one only. You have two choices for registration;

  To be an active participant, register here.

To be an observer, register here.

A Zoom link will be emailed closer to the event date. If we have more than 8 register to participate (submit an image), WCC will conduct a lottery. Those that are not selected to submit an image, will be placed on the observer list to receive the Zoom link.

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