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Have you looked at an image, yours or someone else’s, and loved it or dismissed it right away? Or you kinda sorta liked an image but can’t figure out what is “wrong” with it? Do you wonder why pictures win or lose in a competition? Evolving as a photographer means that you understand how to analyze an image so that you can create better images.

Join Wasatch Camera Club for a workshop by Photographic Society of America on Image Analysis, presented by Heide Stover. The Image Analysis workshop is a 2 to 3 hour workshop offered to PSA member clubs and councils. It is an introduction to analyzing images and is similar to the online course offered to PSA individual members.

The workshop is presented by a trained leader and will cover topics such as:

1) defining image analysis

2) analyzing an image using elements such as impact, composition, lighting and creativity

3) identifying trouble areas such as distractions and split interest

4) reading eye movement within an image

This course is offered in two parts. First, using a lottery, we will select eight club members to provide an image and then participate in the analysis of the images. Secondly, a Zoom meeting will be held a week later and the live discussion of the images will be open to all members as observers on Zoom. They are listed as two separate events on this website.

Lottery registration for the opportunity to participate in the analysis closes on January 12, 2022. Those chosen by lottery to participate will be notified by email. Please enter the lottery only if you are willing to provide an image and participate in the discussion

The Image Analysis workshop to observe how an analysis is done will be January 20, 2022 at 6:30 PM MST and is open to all members. Registered observers will be provided a Zoom link by the instructor, which will be emailed at a later date.

If you enter the lottery, please register for both. If you don’t register to observe the workshop and aren’t selected for the lottery, you may not receive the Zoom link.

This workshop is for members only and registration is required. Your PSA club membership is part of your WCC membership and is one of the many benefits of belonging to the Wasatch Camera Club!

Any comments or questions should be directed to:

Lisa at

Greg Smith (PSA coordinator) at

Photo credit Greg Smith