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How does one approach, compose, capture, write and publish multiple photo books…at the same time? As photographers, many of us hate writing but words are necessary in publishing and can add to and contextualize the stories in our photographs. How does a photographer decide what will add to the story of a book and what is superfluous? What does it take to get published? How does one even come up with the idea, the theme of a book (or a series of books)?

Long-time photographer – and publisher of many books — David Skernick will try to answer these and many more questions when he presents to the camera club, via Zoom, on November 17. See David’s bio below  and join us for this rare opportunity to peel back the cover of those photo books we so love and reveal the creative processes behind them.

David’s Bio:

David Skernick was born in the heartland of the United States and began his photographic career by taking pictures of the only interesting things in his hometown: people and landscapes. He eventually narrowed his work to landscapes because nature didn’t ask so many questions!

David developed an appreciation of the sometimes-overlooked magnificence that is American nature and landscapes. He travels exclusively in his truck “Bob” on the “grey roads” (back roads), and never the same road twice. Schiffer Books is publishing a series of his books. “Yellowstone Country”, “Back Roads of Southern California”, “Back Roads of Northern California”, “American Carnival”, “How Did You Get That Shot”, “Back Roads of the Southwest”, Back Roads of the Great Plains and “Back Roads of the Pacific Northwest” are currently available.  “Back Roads of the Midwest” is due to be released in November. “Back Roads of Maine” and “Astro Photography” are in the process of publication.

David resides in Woodland Hills, California with his wife Ria and dog Dudley.  He spends as much time as possible teaching and traveling the grey roads of America. See more of his work at:

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