On the Wing: Capturing the Essence of the Great Salt Lake


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Photo by Mary Anne Karren

Mary Anne Karren is an amateur wildlife photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she spends as much time outside as possible with the birds. Her goal is to capture evocative wildlife images that inspire curiosity and connection to animals and their environment.  Mary Anne is currently exploring how to use the tools of art and photography to benefit wildlife and its habitat. Her current project focuses on the rapidly disappearing Great Salt Lake, the largest saline lake in the hemisphere and lynchpin habitat for ten million migratory birds.

Join us as Mary Anne discusses her thoughts and methods for capturing beautiful and engaging wildlife photographs, with an emphasis on birds and the Great Salt Lake.  Her talk will cover:

•Basic equipment and fieldwork for wildlife and bird photography

•Wildlife photography ethics

•Creating engagement with the subject

•Composition and perspective for wildlife and birds

•Using light to create mood and drama

•Showcasing animals in their environment

•Leveraging photography to advocate for wildlife

.Mary Anne’s work can be seen on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makarrenphotos/

Website: https://www.maryannekarren.com/

This presentation is online and for members only. Registration is required and you will receive a link for Zoom by email. You can contact Lisa here if you have comments or questions.