On Assignment: Make the Mundane Memorable

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Make the Mundane Memorable. Your challenge is to document the ordinary, even though we are experiencing extraordinary times. Looking at photos can instantly transport you to a moment in time and tell a story.

Ideas: (a few of many possibilities)

  • Photograph moments of your morning or evening routine.
  • Take a photo of yourself or a friend or family member in a mask. Show how you socialize.
  • How have you made the best (or worst) of time at home?
  • Photograph your workspace.
  • Photograph your new (since the pandemic started) hobby.
  • Photograph what brings you peace.
  • Photograph what scares you.
  • Pre-visualize what you are trying to convey and use post processing software to set a mood.
  • Get close or far away, or isolate details using shallow depth of field. Showcase textures and colors.

There aren’t any rules for this challenge. You are asked to share images that were taken for this assignment-please do not use images from your current library. Cell phones may be the perfect tool.

Outside your comfort zone? Good! The reason for participating is to stretch your way of seeing and expressing. It’s an opportunity to tell your story. This is one of the many benefits of belonging to our camera club: to see and share different ideas. Lean in!

Join us on February 8th at 6:30 PM for a Zoom share. Plan on sharing up to 5 images.  More can be shared if time allows.