Krishna Temple Private Tour and Photo Shoot


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PC: Taken from Trip Advisor Website for Krishna Temple:

Come take a private tour just for us(the camera club) at 8am and see the sun rise over the beautiful grounds and temple.  They have agreed to open early(they normally open at 10am) and do this private tour for us so we can pause and take photos without hindering the general public. The tour is approximately 20 minutes and is a guided tour on the practices and symbolism associated with the temple, sculptures and architecture on the grounds. This is not a tour with religious intentions as it is an informational tour about the temple and practices. They do the tour normally for $2.00 per person and it is purely donation and as a suggestion I would bring $5.00 if at all possible. There is an all you can eat buffet available as well starting at 11am if you want to conclude your day here with some incredible food(I have eaten here before ). Here is the information :Suggested buffet donation is $10 for adults and $5 for children. The inspiration for this event is to try photographing something different such as various shapes and sizes in architecture, animals used for agriculture and maybe something cultural. Lots of colors and hopefully by then lots of flowers and greenery on the grounds. The grounds are very pretty and with the sun coming up it could be stunning over the pond and temple. As a side note: They have access to all photos published for commercial purposes.

Additional Info about the property: South of Spanish Fork, Utah, in a semi rural environment, we have 15 acres (5.85 Hectares) upon which sit a gorgeous temple, a 6,000 sq foot residential facility with comfortable double rooms, two outdoor stages, a large covered pavilion, and amenities for parrots, peacocks, llamas and 3 small cows. There is a 200,000 gallon lake with waterfall from which we gravity feed one acre under cultivation. The acreage produces chemical free tomatoes, eggplants, varieties of chilis, squash, melons, corn, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, spinach, radishes, green peppers, potatoes and flowers for worship.We are the number one llama rental facility in Utah with 35 animals on the property.