Junkyard Shoot (Cars and Parts)


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A pile of smashed cars
A pile of smashed cars

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Let’s go see what we can find at the local PULL and SAVE Auto and Truck Parts Car Junkyard. This location is absolutely huge and has rows and rows of old card, tires, rims and engines. The owner(Kelly Pierson) is going to see about having someone run the crusher the day we are there to help liven things up a bit. It is not a nature venue, nor is it a wildlife shoot, but I believe in stretching the norm a bit and digging in to a place you don’t normally go and giving shooting something different a try. I find growth in photography to be the utmost satisfying when I take shots of something out of my normal and then get something special. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and join us at the car junk yard for some fun. Please read the guidelines below :

1. No sandals or open toed shoes

2. There is a small $3.00 fee to enter the yard . The fee and signing in covers the liability. Junk yards are dirty and can be dangerous(I know -not really a selling point). I walked this entire yard and there are many things to see and shoot.

3. We will meet in the lobby of Pull-N-Save.

4. We may get a small introduction to the yard and business. I got one on my tour and it is quite interesting to learn about the huge recycling this provides and how old cars are reused once they are retired.