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Summer is upon us, the flowers are blooming, the bees buzzing, and the masks mostly left in the drawer. This is great time to get out and photograph and our nearby Red Butte Garden is a wonderful place to explore with your camera. It is a macro/close-up photographer’s heaven! But, for this On Assignment we want you to get VERY creative. We want your “impressions” of the gardens! A few months ago we had New Zealand based photographer Eva Polak give a Zoom presentation on impressionist photography. It was fascinating … maybe you saw it? If not, as a member you have access to the recording of the presentation  So, your assignment — should you chose to participate (and we hope you do!) — is to go to Red Butte Garden from 28-Jun through 26-July and photograph in an impressionistic style. Not sure how to do that? Watch the video mentioned above for starters. But, as well, see the links below which have a lot of tips and tricks to creating compelling impressionist photography. Things like intentional camera movement, blurring, panning, multiple exposures, gel filters, and special lenses like LensBaby are mentioned. It’s also okay to use some Photoshop filters and techniques to help the impressionism along but since this is an On Assignment, we would hope that most of your impressionistic work is accomplished in the field.

Please plan on sharing up to 7 images the evening of 27-July (a Zoom session) and you can send as many as 15 images to

In the end, just have (creative) fun!

Helpful links:
“Curtain of Colour” copyright Jeff Clay