HawkWatch at Commissary Ridge


Event Details


High on Commissary Ridge, in a remote location north of Kemmerer, researchers from HawkWatch International toil long days collecting data about the fall raptor migration.

On October 7, the club will travel about three hours to their camp to learn about the work they are doing, see many hawks, eagles and maybe an owl.  If we get lucky the researchers will trap a raptor and let us see it up close after they band and then release the bird.

A strenuous, half-mile uphill hike is necessary to get to the observation outpost.  The weather can be cold and windy in early October.  Bring layered warm clothing, water and pack a lunch. You might want to bring a small camp stool, as there is nothing but a few rocks to sit on.  We’ll carpool, leaving SLC at 7am and returning by 6pm.  If time permits, we’ll stop in photogenic Kemmerer for some street photography on the trip back.

This field trip is limited to ten members.  There is a $10 fee for the trip.   There will be a waitlist.