From Cities to Suburbs: How to Do Street Photography No Matter Where You Are

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This presentation seeks to broaden and inspire your definition of what street photography is, and how and where it can be done.  From cities to suburbs, to remote areas, street photography is just sensibility – a way of seeing.  These types of photographs can be taken anywhere and anytime.  We will cover a variety of tips and strategies about subject matter, and show examples to spark this type of creativity.  It's about walking out that door and figuring out what is interesting around you, wherever you are, and particularly wherever you spend most of your time.

Please note that this presentation will be via Zoom only!

Image by James Maher


James has lived in New York for his entire life.  Like many Manhattanites, he is a terrible driver and cook, but he's an excellent navigator.  He has been practicing the art of street photography since he first picked up a camera, and has worked as a portrait, studio, and documentary photographer since 2005.  James is also a certified new York photography tour and workshop guide, and is the author of The New York Photographer's Travel Guide and The Essentials of Street Photography.

James will be guiding the Wasatch Camera Club during its members-only trip to New York!  Information about the trip and how to register coming soon!