Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos


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Penny De Los Santos is an award-winning internationally published photographer who has traveled extensively throughout the US and to over 40 countries on assignment.  Her work is intimate and moving. Her images are inspired by global cultural foodways and the artisanal food movement, while focusing on everything from iconic dishes to ethnic street food.

Food connects all of us. Food photography is the crossroad where culture, food, and people come together. From the ingredients to plated meals, Penny uses a strong contrast between light and dark to give images an authentic, painterly feel. Some of her outstanding work is illustrated on her website.

In this upcoming presentation Penny will take a look into modern day food photography using various techniques including lighting, composition and motion to  explore the many facets of this subject.

Join the Wasatch Camera Club on Wednesday 12-May at 6:30pm MT via Zoom for this exciting presentation. Registration is required and the class is for members only. Upon registration you will be sent an email with the Zoom link. Please retain this email in order to log into the presentation. If you do not receive a confirmation email please check your spam folder and if needed, send an email requesting the link.