Creating Visual Depth in Landscape Images

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In this presentation, FUJIFILM Industry Specialist Christopher Gilbert will expand upon the process of adding visual depth to your landscape photography, be it–showing motion, adding foreground, or using natural means to draw attention to your focal point. Several techniques will be discussed:  focus stacking, using the RGB Histogram, and use of graduated neutral density filters.  Join us and learn a few critical elements that will make your images go from good to great.

Christopher Gilbert is an educator in Visual Arts–specifically photography. He currently oversees various parts of the country as a FUJIFILM Product Technical Specialist, empowering image-makers with technical knowledge to improve their understanding of crafting images. With over 15 years in the industry, he has seen both sides of the counter in terms of sales and instruction, and uses his expertise to create an open environment where people feel heard and able to produce beautiful images.