Before the Bugs at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge


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Spring shows up at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and it is usually presents a fun filled day with lots of birds and waterfowl pairs. Wtih some species we may see some babies appearing but if not there should be plenty of activity to be seen. This will be a two part day and you can choose to do the entire day OR just part of it. (completely up to you). We will plan to meet at the visitors center just before sunrise at 6am. Sunrise is at 6:40am that day. We will head over to the auto tour route and start there and make our way around stopping to photograph whatever meets our interests. Afterwards we will go to the visitor center and do the nature walk and experience the visitor center finishing up around 10 or 11am. At this point we plan to take a large break and go grab lunch close by in Brigham City (location to be decided prior to event).  For those who wish to come back for the sunset portion we will meet back at the visitor center at 3pm. We will once again do the auto tour loop and end up at the structure located at the beginning of the auto tour gate. There are pit toilets located there. This day we plan to hit sunrise and sunset (golden hour and blue hour) at the refuge. It is a BIG day so feel free to just to the morning portion OR afternoon portion if you wish to avoid committing to the full day. By signing up you decide which time works for you and you are not committing to the whole day if you register. The bugs are not usually out quite yet and we are taking advantage of this 100 percent. WE will plan a babies day at Bear River a few months later but those are the bug filled months and require different planning etc. IF you have any questions regarding this event please email us at