Bald Eagles at Farmington Bay


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PC Credit David Daily

Every year we plan the Bald Eagles somewhere in the state and this year we are in luck(or so we hope). They are already being seen at Willard Bay and Farmington Bay, so I feel mostly comfortable shooting for this time slot and date. We will meet at the visitor center over in the northwest corner by the Heron structure. Thankfully the DWR event at this same location is the following week so we are going to jump ahead and do the week before. Bring a tripod, warm clothes and maybe that BIG lens if you own one.  Historically , when they are around , I have been able to get some really fun shots of these birds . If you are unable to make it this day here are some ideas for locations other than Farmington Bay. I have seen them at Willard and in Logan by the Bear River as well .

Other areas where you can see bald eagles on your own in northern Utah

If you bring binoculars or a spotting scope, you can typically get great views of bald eagles at several other locations in northern Utah. Here are some of the best:

  • In trees along the Weber River, near Croydon and just below Echo Reservoir.
  • Willard Bay Reservoir, west of Willard. You can often see eagles in trees near the reservoir and on the ice-capped reservoir itself.
  • Compton’s Knoll at the Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area, west of Corinne. You can view bald eagles and other wildlife from the Compton’s Knoll viewing area on the south side of the WMA. The rest of the WMA is closed to visitors.

Call with any questions as well : 801-503-7400