Bald Eagles and Other Birds of Prey


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February is the best time of the year to see one of America’s most iconic birds. Bald eagles fly to Utah in the winter to find food and escape colder conditions farther north. By the time February arrives, hundreds of eagles are typically in the state.

At the Fountain Green State Fish Hatchery at 700 N. Big Springs Road in Fountain Green Bald Eagles and other Birds of Prey can be easily seen on a daily basis in the month of February. At the hatchery, you can go to an eagle-viewing location approximately 1 mile from the hatchery. DWR staff and volunteers may be near a large tree where up to 50 bald eagles have been seen in past years. You can pull off the road to view the eagles. Spotting scopes will be set up and available for use, but you are encouraged to bring your own spotting scopes or binoculars. If eagles are not perched in this large tree, participants can drive around Sanpete Valley and often find other eagles.

If you’re coming from the north, you can reach the hatchery by taking I-15 and exiting the freeway at the second Nephi exit (Exit 225). After exiting the freeway, turn east on State Route 132 and travel about 10 miles. About 1 mile before the city of Fountain Green, a Bald Eagle Day sign will point you to an access road that leads to the hatchery.

Due to disease transmission concerns, tours at the fish hatchery are no longer available; however, bathroom facilities will be open at the hatchery.