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Milky Way over the Great Salt Lake
Made from 4 light frames by Starry Sky Stacker 1.3.1. Algorithm: Median

In Spring 2017 , Antelope Island State Park was designated an International Dark Sky (Bronze Tier) by the International Dark Sky Association(IDA). As such they are required to offer workshops and organized star gazing events. We have organized a WCC only astrophotography session on Antelope Island.

Ryan Andreasen from Night Sky Science will show WCC members how to take their DSLR camera off Auto settings to capture brilliant images of the night sky. Members will leave with all of the knowledge needed to take beautiful photos of the Milky Way Galaxy. If you have ever wanted to try astrophotography you won’t want to miss this. You’ll need a DSLR camera , and a tripod. Remote shutter releases are recommended but not necessary.

The WCC workshop will begin with a one hour lecture (8pm – 9pm), followed by hands-on photography of the night sky. This workshop is appropriate for both novice and knowledgeable photographers. There is no fee for this workshop, however, there is a fee to enter the park (rates below).

As a bonus the Ogden Astronomy Group will be there as well and has agreed to allow us to use some of their super powerful telescopes with our cameras.

Workshop will be limited to 30 members

Entrance Fee $15.00 (up to 8 people in car)
Senior Fee (65 and older): $10.00 (up to 8 people in car)

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Photos copyright Jeff Clay | Clayhaus Photography