Arachnophobia Macro & Closeup Photography Fieldtrip


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The Great Salt Lake Marina has quite the eco system and one thing that calls this place home are the Western Spotted Orb Weavers. They cover the boats, signs, lights and the shoreline every year going after the brine flies. Workers at the marina spray to keep the spiders off the lookout and the visitor center, but the spiders are free to roam everywhere else. The spiders are not venomous, but the sheer number of them can be intimidating. Although considered a bit of an ugly spider they are truly fascinating and I have found that photographing them has helped reduce my spider fear a bit since they don’t come after you or jump around like some spiders do.  Let’s meet at the Marina at 8am – 10am on August 6th and get some incredible shots around the marina and on the now declining lake.

Jumper Spider photographs copyright and courtesy Jim Berneike