Annual Astrophotography Workshop and Shoot (Piedmont Charcoal Kilns)


Event Details


This year we plan to do our night sky workshop and hands on experience a little differently. We will host a workshop locally the week before this event. Attendance is not dependent on you attending the workshop prior. We will meet at the WalMart off Parleys Way at 6pm. We will then caravan to Evanston where will stop and grab dinner at Suds Brothers Brewery. They have a menu with a lot of variety so there is hopefully something for everyone. We will then head out to the Piedmont Kilns and get set up to do our night photography. There is also a reservoir just beyond the kilns where a milky way shot would be incredible as a reflection if we can get a night without wind. Ryan and myself will be on hand to assist all night newbies(mostly Ryan). Antelope Island is remodeling their visitor center during this summer and it will not be available for our usual event. Upon registering you will get all addresses and GPS coordinates .

Please bring the following:

  • Comfy Chair if you plan to Sit
  • Bug Spray
  • Long Sleeve Pants and Shirts
  • Water
  • Night Head Lamp
PC Credit Ryan Andreasen