An Evening with Guy Tal, Virtually

Event Details

Many of us are familiar with the work of renowned Utah-based artist and author, Guy Tal, as he works mainly in and around the Colorado Plateau.  Guy describes himself not as a photographer, but as an artist working in the medium of photography.  "In photography I strive to create images that speak to wildness – the quality of being attuned to, and inspired by, the wild. I consider my work to be expressive art, in the sense that its primary purpose is to offer visual metaphors for thoughts and feelings, rather than to document appearances."  Guy is the author of More Than a Rock: Essays on Art, Creativity, Photography, Nature, and Life; and The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Photoshop: A Visualization-Driven Workflow.

On May 19, at 6:30 p.m., Guy will join us for a hosted virtual meeting in which he will engage in discussion with members about the creative process and artistic expression.  Questions from members will be taken in advance so that Guy can prepare responses and a brief presentation.  There will be limited time at the end for open dialog.  

Tickets are $10 each, and participation is limited to 30 members so that we can have a better quality experience in the virtual format.

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