Live View / Focus Stacking Workshop

In this Workshop we’ll cover the topics of using Live View and Focus Stacking. The first half will be presented by club president, Keith Hill, and the second half will be presented by club member Dick Pick.

Squeezing the Most Out of Live View A large number of digital SLRs have a truly powerful feature called Live View. These cameras are equipped with an LCD screen on the back of the camera that allows photographers to see 'live' where the camera is aimed and much more. This feature provides numerous aids and advantages that many photographers may overlook in day-to-day shooting. However, used to the fullest, Live View can speed you up and raise your effectiveness in the field. The presentation will center on a Canon 5D Mk II, but other makes and models offer similar, if not exact feature sets. If you plan to attend, it’s recommended you familiarize yourself with your camera’s Live View features and settings. Also, bring the camera with you to the meeting. We won’t have time to cover every question, but you may make some valuable personal discoveries in the meeting.

Focus Stacking Club member, Dick Pick (see bio below) does a great deal of slot canyon photography. The very tight dimensions make sharp focus from near walls to far ends of the canyon a true challenge. Dick uses focus stacking to keep his image sharp edge-to-edge and he’ll share how he does it and show some great examples in the second half of the meeting. Of course, focus stacking isn’t only reserved for slot canyons. If you like strong foreground objects in your landscapes this workshop is relevant as well.

Richard Pick is a native of Wisconsin where he attended the University of Wisconsin before moving West. His love for the outdoors is expressed in his landscapes and wildlife images. His landscapes capture the beauty of the Colorado Plateau. His wildlife images are primarily of the diverse bird life here in Utah. His images have been selected for the last two Audubon calendars. Dick has been photographing since his days in college and he continues to perfect his craft to this day.



Date/Time: 22-July, 6:30-9:00pm

Location: SLC Main Library, Conference Room B

Field Trip - Hill AFB Airshow - Sunday June 29th

We'll be heading to South Ogden this Sunday morning for the Hill Air Force Base Open House and Air Show, also called Warriors over the Wasatch.  This will be a great opportunity to see some great flying machinery on the ground and performing in the air.

We'll plan on organizing at 9:00 am (inside the gates) just to the south-east of the public entry portals shown in this map

Be sure and check out their website for all kinds of pertinent information on attending, as their are plenty of restrictions on what they'll allow into the show.  Their website also includes travel and entry routes as well as UTA and shuttle options.

Of course as a U.S. Government event, admission and parking are free.

When: Sunday, June 29, 9:00 am

Where: Hill AFB

Please RSVP: here.

Contact Jim if you have questions: 801-792-3570

Portrait Lighting Workshop

Join long time professional commercial and portrait photographer Gary Lee Booth at  ACME Camera on Thursday June 19th, 6-8pm.  

Gary will mentor and assist you in problem solving lighting situations on a portrait shoot.  You will have the opportunity to use diffusion, bounce (reflectors), and strobe lighting provided by ACME Camera of Sugarhouse. We will have models for the shoot.

Bring your cameras as this will be a "hands-on" workshop!

Location: ACME CAMERA RENTAL, 1991 S. 1100 E., SLC (in Sugarhouse)

Date: Thursday, June 19th

Time: 6-8pm

Registration closed, sorry!

Outdoor Flower Photography Workshop

This workshop, geared primarily for beginners and intermediates, is designed to show you how to manage light and create interesting compositions using flowers as your subjects. We will mainly focus on controlling the natural light but will also touch on adding supplemental light sources. We'll also cover depth of field, subject isolation, and creative compositions. Bring tripods, macro lenses (if you have them), regular lenses, and wide angles as well. The workshop will be led by two of the club's top shooters, Jim Berneike and Jeff Clay.


Where: Red Butte Gardens, 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City...we will meet in the interior courtyard just through the main building.
When: Saturday, 3-May, 4-6pm
Cost: There is a $10 fee ($8 for seniors) for entrance to the Gardens
Just Posted: Did you miss out on a paper copy of Saturday's handout? A PDF is available in our Guides & Tutorials section.

Sharpen Your Sports Photography Skills

 The club has been approached by the Salt Lake Lions to provide photographers for their matches. The sport is Ultimate Disc and takes place on a football-sized field. You can see more here. The Lions management would like three photographers per match to cover the action. In return, you will get:

  • 2 complimentary tickets for their friends/family (photographer gets in free, of course) for each game you attend.
  • Water and Sustain (healthy, sugar-free sports drink) provided on the field (please bring a a water bottle).
  • Access to the exclusive media areas on the field.
  • Ability to meet players and get them to sign merchandise
  • Exposure on a national level - we have 17 teams across North America - from New York and Toronto to Vancouver and San Jose.
  • Unique resume and talent-building opportunity.
  • Acknowledgement on social media sites for the photos (please feel free to include watermarks, too).

Here's what they ask of participants:

  • Must wear media pass at all times while on premises (provided by the Lions)
  • Must stay within designated areas, and are not allowed on the field of play during the game
  • No flash allowed
  • No tripods - monopods ok
  • No camera bags allowed on the field - they can become a serious tripping hazard
  • Capture athletes' faces as much as possible
  • Deliver and photos you feel are the best within 24 hours of the game. (You can upload images to the club's Box website.)
  • Allow full usage rights only for the Salt Lake Lions and the AUDL (American Ultimate Disc League) on any submitted photos. No third party usage rights are requested - we will refer any requests to you.

The game dates are available here:

They would like 3 photographers at each game, and you will need to arrive about 30 minutes before the start of the game. You are asked to stay for the entire game (about 2 hours).

 The action is very fast moving and will be challenging to photograph well. If you have interest in doing being a sports photographer please send an e-mail with the dates you want to cover to Shane Barrow here.

NightScape Photography Technical Workshop by Royce Bair

Join nationally renowned Royce Bair on Tuesday, April 8th as he presents a technical workshop on nightscape photography. He will give a digital slide presentation loaded with technical, how-to information, such as: planning when and where to shoot, forecasting, finding dark skies, calculating star alignment, choosing the right lens, exposure calculation, noise reduction techniques, light painting, and blending exposures. There will be ample time devoted to questions and answers.

When: Tuesday, 8-April, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Viridian Event Center ( of the West Jordan Library (8030 South 1825 West)

What about Royce?

For three decades Royce Bair has been working into the night to create evening landscapes that reveal features not normally seen in the light of day. His "NightScapes" are exposures of the night sky with a unique landscape feature. Using starlight, moonlight, and man-made light, Royce sculpts his terrestrial subjects. Heavenly light sources, i.e. the Milky Way, are often a key component of his compositions. Royce originally used his photography style as a commercial photographer, for companies like IBM and General Motors. More recently, his editorial clients have included National Geographic and The Smithsonian.

Is this REALLY free? Yes, but Royce has requested that you register here.

Want to see more of Royce Bair's NightScape images?

Rick Sammon Delivers Big Time at PhotoOp 14

In a delightful and informative presentation, Rick Sammon pleased a record-setting crowd of 200 at the Salt Lake Community Center on Saturday. Continuing the club’s growing PhotoOp tradition of great presentations, this was perhaps our best effort.


Rick was pleased with not only with his presentation but also gave credit to the enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd who posed timely and in-depth questions. It was a strong interaction that began early and lasted throughout the day and Rick declared that it one of his most well-received presentations to date. He also enlivened his efforts with some humorous remarks and very funny images.

PhotoOp 14 was productive beyond providing those present with some great insight that included ways to expand creative horizons, location portrait shooting guidelines, how to succeed with HDR, and how to work a subject to get a great image;  the event added 58 new members pushing our club’s membership total to 326.

While we won’t have all 326 members show up for meetings, the club’s size will get the attention of outside organizations helping us to continue providing interesting programs and other opportunities for you and other members.

If you were unable to attend or need to refresh your notes you can find much of the material Rick shared on his blog here.

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