NightScape Photography Technical Workshop by Royce Bair

Join nationally renowned Royce Bair on Tuesday, April 8th as he presents a technical workshop on nightscape photography. He will give a digital slide presentation loaded with technical, how-to information, such as: planning when and where to shoot, forecasting, finding dark skies, calculating star alignment, choosing the right lens, exposure calculation, noise reduction techniques, light painting, and blending exposures. There will be ample time devoted to questions and answers.

When: Tuesday, 8-April, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Viridian Event Center ( of the West Jordan Library (8030 South 1825 West)

What about Royce?

For three decades Royce Bair has been working into the night to create evening landscapes that reveal features not normally seen in the light of day. His "NightScapes" are exposures of the night sky with a unique landscape feature. Using starlight, moonlight, and man-made light, Royce sculpts his terrestrial subjects. Heavenly light sources, i.e. the Milky Way, are often a key component of his compositions. Royce originally used his photography style as a commercial photographer, for companies like IBM and General Motors. More recently, his editorial clients have included National Geographic and The Smithsonian.

Is this REALLY free? Yes, but Royce has requested that you register here.

Want to see more of Royce Bair's NightScape images?

Rick Sammon Delivers Big Time at PhotoOp 14

In a delightful and informative presentation, Rick Sammon pleased a record-setting crowd of 200 at the Salt Lake Community Center on Saturday. Continuing the club’s growing PhotoOp tradition of great presentations, this was perhaps our best effort.


Rick was pleased with not only with his presentation but also gave credit to the enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd who posed timely and in-depth questions. It was a strong interaction that began early and lasted throughout the day and Rick declared that it one of his most well-received presentations to date. He also enlivened his efforts with some humorous remarks and very funny images.

PhotoOp 14 was productive beyond providing those present with some great insight that included ways to expand creative horizons, location portrait shooting guidelines, how to succeed with HDR, and how to work a subject to get a great image;  the event added 58 new members pushing our club’s membership total to 326.

While we won’t have all 326 members show up for meetings, the club’s size will get the attention of outside organizations helping us to continue providing interesting programs and other opportunities for you and other members.

If you were unable to attend or need to refresh your notes you can find much of the material Rick shared on his blog here.

Lightroom 5 Workshop: Getting to Know the Library and Develop Modules

Join Jon Scarlet on Tuesday, 25-March, as he takes us on his annual tour of Lightroom. For this workshop excursion Jon will focus on both the Library and Develop modules of the newest Lightroom release, #5. He’ll concentrate on tips and tricks but you will also get a macro view of his workflows. Bring your laptop if you want to follow along but whether you are a budding novice or weathered pro, you will want to see what Jon has to show.

Jon’s main interest is in event photography. Working in that area often requires processing photos rapidly because the client frequently needs a finished product quickly. So he was drawn to Lightroom because it can be used to efficiently catalog, review and process photos. He first exposure (sorry for the pun) to photography came years ago from a New York Daily News press photographer. Jon has been a member of the WCC for 4 years. He photographs for the following groups and organizations:

The Kimball Arts Center
Habitat for Humanity
Motherlode Canyon Band
New Pilgrim Baptist Church (SLC)
Utah Jewish Federation
National Ability Center
Beethoven Festival Park City
Snowed Inn Restaurant at Park City Mountain Resort
Park City Mountain Sports Club
Park City Museum
Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter of Utah State University
When: Tuesday, 25-March, 6:30-8:30pm
Where: SLC Main Library, Conference Room B

Field Trip: Midway Ice Castles - Cancelled

This Feild Trip has been cancelled. Here is the announcement from the Ice Castles management:
The reason we are sending this email is to thank you for coming to the Midway Ice Castles.  It is also to help announce that the last day of our season will be tomorrow, Monday February 17th.  We will remain closed for the season thereafter.
We regret closing so early in the year.  However, the unseasonably warm weather makes closing necessary for the safety of our guests and employees. 

Questions: Call Eric 385-233-1518 or Jim 801-792-3570


Member Critique Night, Thursday February 20th

As members of a camera club of many fine photographers we often don't consider the critique of our fellow club members as often as might benefit us.  If you're like many photographers you probably often take several images of the same subject in different ways, and then hem and haw during your review about which of those images you think is best - which crop, which processing, which angle, etc.

For Example:

There is likely not a right answer, but you can be sure that people will have preferences, and those preferences can serve as a good answer.  The Member Critique Night is a good opportunity to find out what others prefer in your work and how you may possibly improve it. You're welcome to treat this as a show and tell of your best images, but it might be a more productive evening for everyone to bring images that you're just not quite sure about, images that you like but think could be done differently.

Please come prepared to talk about your images for about 5 to 10 minutes - bring as many or as few as you like, but consider the time constraints and what you'd like to accomplish.  In order to give everyone an equal opportunity in a limited amount of time please put your images in a clearly marked folder on a USB drive ( a working USB drive John Scarlett :-D ) in the order that you'd like them critiqued, this will help us be a bit more efficient.

When: Thursday, February 20th, 6:30 to 9:00 pm

Where: Our usual Bat place, Main SLC Library, Conference Room B (downstairs)

Why: Because we like you.

The Club goes Big at the Library

Thursday, February 6th was a milestone for the Wasatch Camera Club. It was when we held a reception for the Language of Light exhibit. Over 50 members and a number of others gathered to view the works of 48 club photographers.

Fifty-eight prints where displayed and received great comments by those assembled, including many from the City Library staff who helped produce the show.


This is the first phase of the Language of Light and it will be up until March 14th. The second and final phase will begin March 3rd and end on April 30th. The second phase will be in the other five branches of the Salt Lake City Library system and cover different categories of photographs. All of these later exhibits will run simultaneously.  (More on the exact schedule here.)

Light Painting of Table-Top Objects Workshop

Doug Pizac, club member and professional commercial photographer (see bio below), will lead a "hands-on" workshop exploring the use of ancillary lighting to "paint" table-top objects. The two viola shots above are a good example of what you see and learn. The difference between them is that the second photo has seven layers of light-painting that were combined into a single image during post-processing. 

Doug will start the workshop with a brief presentation showing the basic processes and then move into a live demonstration. After that, he will then assist club members to create their own light painting pictures with objects they bring.  Attendees will need to bring their camera with a normal lens (approx. 50mm), a tripod, flashlight and an object no bigger than a loaf of bread to photograph. Members should test their flashlights for correct color balance beforehand.  LED lights are close to daylight balanced and regular flashlights are between tungsten and candles -- around 2600 kelvin.

DATE: 11-Feb | TIME: 6:30-9pm | LOCATION: SLC Main Branch Library, Room

Doug Pizac started his 40+ year career as an intern at National Geographic. From there he was team photographer for the California Angels baseball club, a freelancer for the Associated Press, UPI, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register and eventually landed a staff photographer position at AP.

After 30+ years at AP he now has his own company where he fulfills the needs of clients and national publications.  Doug believes in giving back to his beloved industry through teaching photography courses at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City where he is training the next generation of photographers and helping others such as Wasatch Camera Club members.

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