Learn the Basics of Studio Lighting SOLD OUT

This workshop will acquaint you with the use of studio lighting equipment to create a variety of affects for portrait subjects. The class will cover routine, as well as, unconventional approached to lighting and will use a range of studio lighting gear. Attendees will be well equipped to rent the studio for their own projects following this workshop. Master photographer, Chad Braithwaite will teach the group and has been well-liked by club members who participated in last year’s Working with Models workshop.

Bring your own camera with a medium to long focal length lens and Chad will supply the transmitter to fire the lighting gear.

To cover studio charges and model fees, we are asking $40 for the 9 a.m. to noon session, February 15.

Faces Photography
8665 South Sandy Parkway
Sandy, Utah 84070 (map)

Nationally Recognized Photographer - Rick Sammon - to Present at PhotoOp 14

Every year the Wasatch Camera Club brings a nationally recognized presenter to Salt Lake City to recharge the creative juices of area photographers. This year, it's Rick Sammon who will be doing the honors. Rick is a Canon Explorer of Light and has not only extensive experience as a photographer, but is a great teacher as well. He plans reveal numerous techniques, concepts and how-tos during a day-long PhotoOp 14 event on Saturday, March 22nd, from 9am to 3pm.

Everyone is invited, but due to possible space limitations, we ask all to register for the event. To find out more about Rick and PhotoOp 14 click here.

Miller Center, Salt Lake Community College, 9750 South 300 West, Sandy, Utah

Language of Light Deadline Information

For those of you who had images accepted into the Langauge of Light exhibition, here are the specifics of the final preparation:

January 20 – Your image description(s), sales price (if you’re selling), and contact information needs to be complete for all your images. You provide this info via a web form found here. We need it early so we can parse it out to the folks at the library branches.

As you may know we have a two part start up, where In Nature kicks off in February and the other branches start in March.

Saturday, February 1, Noon-3PM – All “In Nature” prints need to be delivered to the Salt Lake City Library. Our volunteer Branch Coordinator, Brandon Tolman, will be on-site to check-in your work. 

All other image categories will be delivered “around” March 1st at the branches where they are assigned. We are still awaiting final dates and times for this so please stay tuned for further updates. Again, you will hand off to club branch coordinators.

If your schedule will not permit you to hit these delivery times you will need to make arrangements with the appropriate branch coordinator for delivery ahead of the due date. (The previously sent email has contact info for those coordinators.) The Branch Coordinators and image categories by branch assignment are as follows:



Branch Coordinator

In Nature

Main-Lower Urban Room

Brandon Tolman

The Built World


Fred DeSmet

Global Views


Cathie Delewski

Creative Angle


Keith Hill

In Details


Lloyd Blackburn

The Human Experience


Clint Phipps

Choosing the Right Cameras and Lenses

A new year is upon us and are you sure you have the right camera and lenses for what you want to photograph? Digital SLRs, full-frame, APC sensor, mirrorless, four-thirds and point-and-shoots (and even film!)…they all have their place. Super wide angle, medium telephoto, primes and zooms…which to choose for what? You wouldn’t use a sledge hammer to secure a nail so make sure you understand what imaging tools are available and which would be best for YOUR photography.

Jens Nielsen and Dave Ward of Pictureline will present a 2 hour workshop entitled ‘Choosing the Right Cameras and Lenses’ on January 14th beginning at 6:30pm. This workshop will be at Pictureline and if interested you should RSVP here.

Jens worked for the very well-regarded Borge Andersen in his the photo lab from 1986 until 1989 when he founded Pictureline.  For 25 years Pictureline has been one of the dominant photography stores in Utah. Jens has taught numerous classes and seminars that relates to photography and the business of photography.  

Dave has been involved in photography since he stole his father’s camera in the 7th grade. Photography was a way to document his day-to-day life and adventures in rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking. Dave brings his passion for photography to his numerous Pictureline classes and community education adult learning classes.

Field Trip: Yoga studio shoot, Friday, January 3rd, 6:30pm

Join the Wasatch Camera Club this Friday evening for a study of light and shadow on the human form.  The owner of Infusion Yoga & Pilates Studio in Bountiful has graciously opened her studio to give us the opportunity to shoot with 3 or 4 Yogis.  Depending on the number of lights we want on each model we'll have from 2 - 4 light setups and we'll rotate between photographers giving everyone ample opportunity to shoot.

The studio has 3 separate rooms that we can use, and my hope is to arrange each area for different effects.  The studio walls are plain off white, but I'll also have a black backdrop setup for effects like this sample image.

I'm asking the Yogis to wear their most comfortable and flattering outfits, but don't hesitate to bring some simple but interesting props as well.  I'll be bringing a long leather trench, hat, scarves, umbrella . . you get the idea.  Mix it up if you like, but don't make it too complicated.

As in past shoots with unpaid models we ask that all the participating photographers share their best images with each of the Yogis as a show of appreciation for their time and effort. I'll be setting up a folder at our WCC Box site where images can be uploaded.  Hope to see you there!

When: Friday, January 3rd, 6:30pm

Where: here

Please RSVP: here.

Contact Jim if you have questions: 801-792-3570

Hill Aerospace Museum Field Trip - Saturday, 7-Dec, 10:00am

Join us for some aviation and aerospace history this Saturday at the Hill AFB Aerospace museum.  The museum exhibits more than 90 military aircraft, missiles, and aerospace vehicles on the grounds and within hanger galleries. 

Their collection also includes a wide variety or ordnance and munitions, an assortment of aerospace ground equipment, military vehicle, uniforms, and thousands of other historical artifacts.  And for anyone interested in the first machines to take flight, there are also models of the earliest Wright Flyers.


The museum is open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, and while admission is free, donations are gratefully accepted.  A gate pass onto Hill AFB is NOT required.  Tripods ARE welcome.

Directions: head east on Exit 338 off I-15, the museum is visible from the moment you exit the highway.

Saturday, December 7th, 10:00 am

Please RSVP: here.

Call Jim if you have questions: 801-792-3570

Language of Light Selections Announced

The club enjoyed an exceptional response to the call for entries for the Language of Light exhibit. Close to 500 images were submitted across the six categories and without doubt these photographs are clear evidence that our club members are very talented.

The committee of six judges independently reviewed all the submissions and scored each. Exhibits Director Jeff Clay then tallied the scores and filled each library space with the top selections. As you will note, the different venues accommodate different numbers of images.

To see if your image(s) were chosen, you can see a list here.

To see all the submitted images go here.

If your image was selected you can now begin the framing process and we have provided a number of suppliers and options on how to proceed here. Three framing establishments are offering nice discounts for Wasatch Camera Club members and Language of Light entries in particular. Don’t forget to ask for your discount on this project.

The Language of Light exhibit is on track to be a huge success and we hope you share in the pride of being a member of such a highly skilled group of photographers.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Exhibits Committee.

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