February Meeting: Members Photo Critique

You know the feeling, you’ve been to the club’s competitions and felt like you’d like to add your own two cents to the critique, so, in that vein the Wasatch Camera Club is re-introducing Member Photo Critiques.

This is an opportunity to show and discuss your work whilst also receiving suggestions from your fellow members. Bring 3 - 6 images on a memory stick and time permitting we'll have a good exchange of views about how to improve and learn about various techniques as well.

Critiquing others photos and having your own critiqued in a positive and lively social setting amongst your peers is a wonderful means to better understanding the way you feel about an image. We all have some type of visceral emotional reaction to an image, whether good, bad, or neutral – listening to other’s reactions is good exercise.

If you have an opinion on the images that you see, then you have a voice that is worth hearing. Even if you don’t have much experience in critiquing, you can learn to do it, and the effect it will have on your understanding of an image can be very valuable.

Special Fieldtrip - Freestyle Ski Competition (Jan 19-20)

WHAT: A rare opportunity to capture images of freestyle skiers as they attempt aerial tricks and compete on a halfpipe and slopestyle course. This will be a chance to experiment with stopping motion, panning, and getting creative with athletes in motion in a classic Utah winter environment. Access should be excellent, and we will meet briefly with the Park City freestyle ski team coach for orientation to the courses and events (as well as safety). We would like to collect images from participants in the event that the Park City freestyle team can use them on their website.

Framing and Matting Workshop

Photography is an art and good art creates emotions. To sell your art you must create an emotional connection between the image and the viewer. A well presented image can connect with the viewer and create that connection, which can turn the viewer into a buyer. 

So how do you go about creating the best presentation? That is exactly what our upcoming workshop will teach us.

  • Ever wonder why there are so many different types of glass? What are the differences and why would you choose the cheapest or the most expensive?
  • What about matting? Why do galleries use plain white when there are so many prettier colors and textures? What is a cotton matte, a fabric matte and what is the big deal with acid free?
  • Frame styles? Think, thin, wood, metal... What works best with photographs?
  • What are mounting options?
  • How to assemble your frame project?

John Zacharopoulos the owner of "The Framing Establishment" has been kind enough to offer this workshop in his Murray store and to help answer these questions and any others questions that you might have. He will walk us through all of the above bullets and demonstrate how his company prepares your image for the best possible presentation. You will come away with a better understanding and a greater appreciation for presenting your work to others.


Tuesday January 24, 2012 7:00PM to 8:30PM

The Framing Establishment
5664 South 900 East Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Please RSVP in order to give John an accurate count in order for there to be enough seats for all.

With the clubs first exhibit on display and several more in the works this is a great time to have the questions you wondered about during the preparations of our first exhibit answered from a professional before we begin our next.

Club Makes Splash in Utah County

Boom! The Wasatch Camera Club made some noise in Provo and surrounds. The Artist’s Reception held Friday night attracted a large number of members and art lovers. A rough estimate was over 70 people wandered the halls checking out our work. The Utah County Arts Council provided live music and food supplied by members was plentiful.

Most satisfying were the numerous conversations about the craft of photography. It was remarkable to see over 70 prints from members when the show was put together in such a short time frame. Once again, thanks to Exhibits Director Jeff Patterson and crew for putting together the show, and rockin’ the locals.

13th Black & White Competition at the Eccles Community Art Center

The Eccles Community Art Center's 13th annual Black & White Competition is accepting entries later this month. This unique, state-wide exhibit is not solely for photorgaphers but offers artists working in wide variety of mediums the oppounity to display their work in the beautiful Eccles House. Go to the website for more details.






New Galleries for the New Year


In time to ring in the new year the Wasatch Camera Club has upgraded their galleries with new software. Check them out by viewing our 79 images in the Utah County Art Gallery Exhibit. This software should allow us to much more efficiently and quickly add competition, workshop, and field trip images to your website.



Happy New Years!



Our Exhibit is Up

Twenty three club photographers now have their works on display at the Utah County Art Gallery. Jeff Patterson, Exhibits Director, along with about a dozen helpers, organized and helped to hang over 70 very nice images. This appears to be a club milestone as the exhibit is a first in recent club history.

The hanging effort took over two hours to assemble, identify and place appropriately. Still, it was fun to discuss different framing approaches, suppliers, and to sign your works. (How to sign your work could be a whole workshop by itself judging from the widely divergent and passionate approaches discussed!)

Now everyone is invited to the artists’ reception January 6 between 6 and 9pm.

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