Early Morning Alpine Scenery at Lake Mary Fieldtrip

Join the Wasatch Camera Club members for a morning hike to Lake Mary within the Brighton Lakes trail system at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. We will take advantage of the early morning light around both Lake Mary and Dog Lake, both of which should offer interesting mountain scenery and landscapes (and perhaps some wildlife and cooler temperatures).

WHEN/WHERE: Meet at 6:30 AM, Saturday, August 25 in the parking area immediately next to the Brighton Center building (look for ski map signs and signboards). Directions: Go up Big Cottonwood Canyon to the end where Brighton Ski resort is located. Pass the Brighton store and follow the one way road around to the right until you see the large parking area for Brighton ski area/center.

***ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Hiking shoes/boots are recommended, as well as water and snack and clothes for range of temperatures. This hike is approximately 1 mile (one way) and climbs 800 feet, beginning at an elevation of 8,700 feet.  Your most powerful Zoom and telephoto lens will be helpful.  Wide-angle lenses and tripods will also be useful. The trail is reasonably well maintained, but somewhat steep and slippery at some points. Toilets are located at the Recreation area center, just past the Brighton Store on the right side of the road (as well as at the Brighton store itself). Sunrise is at 6:48am.


Composition Module & Workshop: Creating Maximum Visual & Emotional Impact

Have you wondered why some pictures are more appealing than others?  Have you wondered why some photographers consistently win the praises of judges and critics? In many cases it is because of excellent composition. This workshop is all about successful composition.

Our own Skip Weeks will present 15 elements of photographic composition that will make your images more dramatic, engaging, and appealing. Skip will lay the foundation for your understanding of the power of composition by discussing such basics as the Rule of Thirds, then move on to touch upon framing, cropping, symmetry and many other elements of good composition. If you are in the Wasatch Camera Club Mentoring program you won’t want to miss this as it is one of the modules. But, we are also presenting it as a Workshop so all members are invited to attend.

Date/time: August 7, 7-9pm

Location: SLC Main Library

RSVP:  workshops(AT)wasatchcameraclub(dot)com




We Took It on the Streets

Tom Szalay led a good number of members on a pleasant evening of photographing the human environment found in downtown Salt Lake City. The group learned about looking for themes that suggest image opportunities and using wide angle lenses to catch subjects unaware of being photographed. We also visited a small alleyway that provided some urban grit for more mood shots.

Afterwards we gathered in the City Creek outdoor food court to share images and talk photography in general.

You can see more soon in the Galleries Section.






Shooting Off-Camera Flash Workshop

Join us for our Shooting Off-Camera Flash Workshop. This workshop will be lead by our own Doug Pizac and will feature two sessions. The first part will be on July 10th at the downtown library at 7pm. Doug will be discussing the use of off-camera flashes starting with a very basic, conceptual approach and finishing the evening shooting one of us in various lighting setups. You will learn what to look for in flashes, the ins and outs of light modifiers, controlling the flashes via syncing, cables, and transmitters/receivers, and how to set up basic shots.

For the second session we will meet outside (date and location TBD) and using one or more station setups, plus models, Doug will direct you and your camera in how to capture that perfect off-camera flash image.

Where: Salt Lake City Library Conference Room L-1. (Note this is next to the Children's Library on the lower level.)



Street Photography Fieldtrip

Join Tom Szalay (educator and photojournalist) for an evening exploring and photographing the human environment that is downtown Salt Lake City. Tom has a wonderful instinct for recording the story of people and places in images and enjoys sharing his experience with others. We will meet Friday evening in anticipation of capturing the transition from commuters to weekend visitors (and perhaps avoid the direct heat!). For those interested, we expect to meet up after to share images.

Meet at 6:00pm, Friday, July 6th at the Gallivan Center near the big sundial monument (look for the shiny monolith with a boulder on top toward the middle). The Gallivan center is within the block bounded by South State, South Main, 200S, and 300S.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Bring a variety of lens – making sure not to forget mid range and wide angle lenses). Tripods are not likely to be useful. We will be meandering around downtown – nothing strenuous but prepare for some walking.

COST: Free

WHERE: Downtown Salt Lake City - Gallivan Center

Please RSVP to fieldtrip(at)wasachcameraclub(dot)com

Focus on Focus Workshop Well Attended

Our recent workshop on focus covered the very fundamental topics of shutter speeds, f-stops and ISO settings and how they affect one’s ability to achieve the focus required for particular subjects. As many members check the landscape box on their membership application it was fitting to begin with perhaps one of the most challenging subjects to keep in full focus – that of landscape. The presentation went on to cover portraiture and sports photography and the challenges each presents.

Among the attendees there was some pretty strong interest in “back button” focusing, i.e. programming your camera to separate the focus function from the half shutter position. In this instance, most photographers also decide to use only the center sensor for focus to ensure the exact point of focus. (The back button focus approach was strongly encouraged by Ron Wyatt who presented a sports photography workshop at Pixels recently.) If you’d like to find out more just Google “back button focus” and you’ll find a ton of information.

The Focus on Focus workshop is part of the club’s ongoing mentoring project. If you have interest in being a mentor or being mentored contact our Mentoring Director Charli Bova here.

Mentorship in Progress

The Mentorship program was launched on May 12th with the Exposure module.  It was lead by Charli Bova and attended by 7 members.  The relationship of ISO, aperture and shutter speeds in capturing the "correct" expose was presented.   How aperture controls DOF as well as shutter speed controls motion in photography were reviewed.  Everyone became familiar with their own camera, camera menus and camera programing before we went out into the the field.  We then used  the camera's meters and histograms to get the artistic exposure we were looking for.

The next module, Focus, is going to be presented in a workshop format on 6/12 by Keith Hill.  Please bring you cameras and User's Manuals to the session.  If you have questions about your camera's function, this will be the time to get some individual and hands on instruction by more experienced members.

Following Focus will be modules on Composition and Digital processing are being developed.

Please contact me at mentor(at)wasatchcameraclub(dot)com to be on the email list for future modules.  You must be registered to participate in the module so there are enough mentors, space and handouts to meet the needs of the group.

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