Focus Fundamentals Workshop

Controlling focus is a key creative tool and critical for making great images. In this workshop we'll consider focus techniques for shooting landscapes, portraits and sports. We review the terminology and the interrelation between shutter speed, f-stops, depth of field, ISO which are the core of all photography. It may sound messy, but the relationships are pretty simple when you understand them. Special emphasis will be given to landscape photography as it represents the challenge of ensuring the greatest depth of field. Discussion will include lenses, camera settings and operation, software usage and other gear to help you stay sharp.

Presented by Keith Hill on June 12th at the downtown SLC library.

Folks in the 2, 3, & 4 numbered mentoring levels should make this workshop a priority.

Hill AFB Open House and Air show Field Trip

Saturday and Sunday, May 26th and 27th.  Gates open at 8am, Free to the Public!

We'll rendezvous at the main gate at 10am for club members that would like to get together to share ideas on capturing images of both the static aircraft and those during the airshow.  Because this is a large public event RSVP's are not required but please join us at the rendezvous if you're so inclined. We'll share thoughts about how to capture interesting images.

Please see their website for a list of things not allowed into the show, as for camera gear they're only allowing small bags - that means leave your big ones at home or in your car.

Aerials Acts will be going on from approximately 10am through 4pm both days.  Also, according to Capt. Scott Meyer, who is organizing the static and aerial shows,  entering and photographing the interiors of the planes will be up to the individual crew members.  Don't assume you can take photos of the interiors, ask a crew member first!

Please use the comments section of this post to help simplify car-pooling arrangements if you're interested.  Include your name, contact info, approximate location, and whether you'd like to drive or be picked up.  Use the comments section at your own discretion, remember the website is public.

Cheers!  See you there.

Macro Workshop: May 8, 7-9pm

Have you ever considered getting into macro photography and didn’t know where to begin?

Maybe you need a new photography subject that doesn’t require that you venture much beyond your home – perfect for those bad weather days when you’ve really got an itch to do something creative.  Macro photography can be an exhilarating way to expand the way you see things, it can take you into a world of detail that you may have never paid much attention to.  You may find interesting details in ordinary objects, or maybe you’ll discover a new passion for the smaller creatures that you noticed but never examined closely.  Macro photography certainly has its own unique set of challenges, but with the right tools and a little bit of know-how they can be easily overcome . . . sometimes anyway.

This workshop will be an expansion of last year’s presentation. It’s designed for those who haven’t tried macro but are interested in knowing more about it, or even those who have played with it a bit but would like to learn about optional tools that can take your macro to different dimensions.
Our own Jim Berneike will cover the pros and cons of the different tools available, show you some results of his own, as well as some from other photographers that really excel at this art.  He'll also cover some of the process and some of the hurdles you can expect to encounter, and the techniques used in overcoming them.
Please join us on Tuesday, May 8th at 7pm at the SLC main library conference room B (where most of our meetings are held) for an in-depth introduction to the world of macro photography.

Club Members Critique Session on April 26th

Join the Wasatch Camera Club this Thursday, 26-April, for our now very popular Member's Critique Session. Bring 5-10 images that you would like to discuss (on a memory stick) AND receive insightful feedback. These can be those images you are justly proud of or perhaps you are are just not sure if it is THE winning image. Regardless, in a most heplful and constructive manner, the club members will help critique your photographs and hopefully in the process push you closer to that better image.

Date/Time: 26-Apr, 7-9pm

Place: Main SLC Library, Room B

Waterfowl Shooting: Farmington Bay Early Morning Field Trip

Waterfowl on Farmington Bay (Saturday, April 21, 2012)

It’s a morning on Farmington Bay to photograph a variety of migrating and resident waterfowl at the wildlife management area and adjacent Great Salt Lake Nature Center. We anticipate starting the morning by taking advantage of early light at the nature center ponds and then moving over to explore the management area with the possibility of special access to some of the management area dikes (normally closed during nesting season). We thank Nature Center volunteer, and avid birder and club member, Deedee O’Brien who will serve as our host.

WHEN/WHERE: Meet at 7:30 AM, Saturday, April 21 at the parking area next to the gate for the Nature center road on Glover Lane (1700 W 925 S). Directions: The Glover Lane parking area is just west of the intersection of Glover Lane and 1525 S, west of I-15 and Legacy Highway in Farmington (click on “driving directions” on the Center's site). 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Your most powerful zoom and telephoto lens will be most helpful. Easy short to moderate hiking on flat dirt roads. If you are a new member and haven’t completed your application, please do so before attending. The waiver in the application must be signed.

COST: Free Please RSVP to

CONTACT: Chris Miller (801-389-2500

Photographers Urged to Make Emotional Connection

Top landscape photographer David Muench pushed past the technical side of photography to make the case for an “emotional connection” with landscape subjects.  While he has made the leap to digital image making the important point in his lecture was be open to the changing conditions in outdoor settings and respond with your feelings to what you see. David presented numerous vivid examples of his approach and was particularly enthusiastic about his recent Bristlecone work.  

David attributed his “near-far” approach to his father who also employed the technique. The challenge of keeping everything sharp has changed from large format cameras that afforded swings and tilts. Now wide angle lenses and occasional image stacking make sharp images possible.

Roughly 150 photographers attended David’s presentation, the camera club’s second PhotoOp effort. Over sixty of the people who registered for the event selected the “instant membership” option. The instant members pushed the club’s total membership to over 230.

Salt Lake photo equipment retailer Pictureline and Canon sponsored the event and the club appreciates their continuing support.

Antelope Island Sunrise Field Trip

Photograph Antelope Island’s beautiful “lakescapes” and landscapes along with any available wildlife on the the surrounding Great Salt Lake shoreline. Sunrise occurs at 7:35am, and we hope to take advantage of the early light.

WHEN/WHERE: We will meet at 7am Saturday, Mar. 17th in the parking area on the south side of the road just before the entrance booth for the state park (if you reach the booth, you can do a u-turn and double back to the parking area), to discuss carpooling/options. The park itself opens at 7am. Directions: Take Exit 332 off Interstate 15 in Layton, then drive west on Antelope Drive for 7 miles to the park entrance booth.  The island itself is another 7 miles across a causeway.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Wear appropriate clothing/footwear for light to moderate hiking along shorelines and bluffs. Weather conditions may vary considerably at this time of year. Wider lenses will be useful – but a variety of lenses may come in handy.  Bathrooms available. Photo exhibit by Keith Vaught is showing in the visitor center.

COST: Park entry fee is $9 per car ($6 for senior)

Please RSVP to

CONTACT: Chris Miller (801-389-2500 cell)

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