Cycling field trip – Tour of Utah stage 4 – Friday, August 9, 5pm

Stage 4 of the Tour of Utah will present a nice opportunity for some action photography as cyclist’s race their way through streets of north Salt Lake City.  Beginning at 5:30 pm, this stage will include 5 laps around the circuit, giving us several opportunities to capture the racers as they whiz by (these professionals are remarkably fast even as they climb the hill up N. State St. towards the Capitol).  See map and website for detailed route information.


Because there will be so many interesting vantage points from which to photograph the race, this post is as much a heads-up about the event as it is a club-sponsored field trip.  I’ll update the Bulletin post the day of the race when I’ve decided where I’d like to shoot from, and I’d welcome getting together with other members, but realistically I’d expect that people may want to shoot from many different locations along the 6.7 mile course.





If you’ve never been to a cycling race you may want to give it a try, it’s really quite amazing to see how fast they can push their bicycles.  Although there are many ways to capture an event like this, I’d suggest a lens with some reach for greater flexibility.  If anyone has suggestions about good vantage points please feel free to email me at the RSVP link.  Hope to see you there!


Please RSVP: here.


Contact: Jim 801-792-3570




Albion Basin Wildflower Field Trip - Saturday, July 27 6:00 pm

Want to beat the sizzling summer heat while hanging out with your compadres of the Wasatch Camera Club?  Then you should join us for an evening of delightfully cool mountain breezes as we stroll through the alpine woods and meadows of the Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

We'll be hiking on the Albion Meadows trail, it has a rather moderate elevation gain that rambles past a ski lift or two, through some woods, and then to a striking meadow that is a Shangri-La for mountain wildflowers.  We'll begin our hike at the parking lot that surrounds the information booth pictured here, it is just east of the Snowpine Lodge as you stay on the main road, as you go past the Alta ski area. 

Be reminded that the temperatures may be considerably cooler at this elevation, the day I scouted this trail the temp in the valley was 95 while at the trailhead it was 67 - the cool breeze was delightful mind you.  Bring all your favorite photographic gear, and a long lens if you fancy yourself as a wildlife photographer - there's as much fauna as there is flora.

Thurs 7/25: I'm adding information for those that would be interested in carpooling up Little Cottonwood.  We'll meet at the parking lot at the mouth of the canyon at 5:30 and departing so that we can meet at the trail head just before 6:00 pm.  The lot is located here:

The Albion Meadows trail head and parking area can be seen here:

Saturday, July 27, 6:00 pm

Albion Meadows trail head

Please RSVP: here.

Contact: Jim 801-792-3570




Outdoor Portrait Photography Workshop: Off-Camera-Flash Techniques

Photographer Steve Berlin will be leading us in our second exploration of outdoor portrait photography. Steve will be focusing on supplementing natural light with flash.

He will apply the principles of portraiture lighting and teach us how to use battery-operated speedlights and simple modifiers to make good portraits. We will learn to use strobes to  supply a soft key light whilst the sun supplies the ambient light for background, fill, separation, etc. This involves learning how to adjust the camera and strobe so as to obtain an appealing key light exposure and balance that with the look of the surroundings. Steve will also teach us how to properly “drag the shutter” to control ambient exposure.

Be prepared to use manual settings only -- on camera and flash -- and not work with TTL controlled flash for this session.

Members are encouraged to bring their cameras with flash hotshoes and should know how to make manual adjustments of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Steve will bring sets of speedlights, radio triggers, stands and modifiers that will work on any camera. He prefers that people not bring their own flash unless they are able to use it independently, as he will not have time to familiarize himself with other flash systems.

Location: Downtown Main Library Courtyard

Date: Thursday, 1-August

Time: 6 pm

Questions? workshops(at)wasatchcameraclub(dot)com

Professional Photographers' Approach to Using Photoshop Workshop: Randy Collier

Tuesday, 9-July, from 7-9:30pm professional photographer Randy Collier will be giving a workshop on Photoshop. This workshop is the first of a multi-session series focused on how professional photographers use Photoshop. Randy's credentials are impressive and you will surely take away many tips from this workshop.

Randy has earned his Master of Photography and Craftsman Degree. He is a past President of Professional Photographers of Idaho. He is a five-time Idaho Professional Photographer of the Year and a three-time Intermountain Professional Photographer of the Year. He is also the Rocky Mountain Regional Master Photographer of the Year and has won nine Kodak Gallery awards in 4 years. Finally, he is the NAPP Guru Award Recipient for excellence in Photoshop design.

Randy has used his photographic and artwork skills to teach professionals across the United States, Canada and Europe and owns and operates his own studio as well as a studio rental business.

He loves to photograph people, places and things... and enjoys the post processing as much as shooting.

The location is Randy's studio at 8665 Sandy Parkway in Sandy.









Workshop: Beginner Outdoor Portrait Photography – Thursday 6/27

Are you new to portrait photography and would like to improve your images?  This workshop will focus on the basic techniques that will help you take better outdoor portraits.  Unlike event photography, however, where you’d simply have make the best of the lighting and other circumstances as they unfold, we will look specifically at techniques where the photographer will have control over the positioning and placement of their subjects.  

This workshop will primarily be about using available natural light, and how to find the best light around for your subject when you may not have a flash or an assistant to hold a reflector – although we may touch on those briefly.  We’ll look at how to best deal with sunlight, how to find available reflectors in an urban environment, and how to look for and take advantage of diffuse light.  We’ll also talk about lens focal length and aperture, metering modes, and the benefit of fill flash. 

For the first half of the workshop we'll look at a number of portraits and talk about what does and does not work in them, and possible ways to correct images that could be better.  The second half will be devoted to going outside and exploring the techniques talked about in the first half.  Bring your camera along and practice.

So, if you’d like to learn some basic techniques on taking better portraits of your friends and family, please make yourself available for this workshop on portrait fundamentals.

  • Thursday, June 27th, 7pm.
  • Salt Lake City Main Library, Conference Room B (our usual place). 

New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape

A presentation by Lewis Crawford

In January 1975, a small but important exhibition, curated by William Jenkins, opened at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY, entitled New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape. Documenting landscape and a human involvement with a space, the photographs depict industrial warehouses, suburban tract housing, trailer parks and inner city streets in a mapped, gritty and honest way, all sans people. Landscape was no longer the sublime imagery found in an Ansel Adams photograph; it had become methodical and clinical. The influence of academia is evident within the show; most were college-trained artists or taught at universities, a first for a major photographic exhibition. By examining images, discussing the artists and curator, the lecture will explore their influences upon contemporary landscape imagery, photographic education and some of today’s top photographers.

Lewis J. Crawford is a fourth generation Arizona native and second generation Arizona artist. All though he still considers Prescott, AZ his hometown, he currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT and is an Associate Instructor for the University of Utah. In 2009, he earned a MFA in photography from the University of Utah and in 2005, a BFA in photography from Arizona State University graduating Summa Cum Laude. He has had solo shows in Tempe, AZ, Salt Lake City, UT and Ogden, UT. He has shown internationally and numerously within the United States. His work combines digital technology, antiquated photographic processes and print making to create what he defines as factitious imagery.

President's Note: From to time to time the club presents topics beyond the production of great photographs to consider broader view of photography in the art world. This is one of those presentations. I hope you'll take advantage of this presentation to expand your knowledge base.

  • Thursday, June 20th, 7:00 p.m.
  • Salt Lake City Library, Conference Room B

Little Sahara Sand Dunes Field Trip - Saturday, June 15th

Join the Wasatch Camera Club for a trip down to Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Juab county. This will be a longer event and we'd like to carpool as much as possible, approximate drive time from SLC is 2 hours.  We will have a variety of opportunities to photograph Utah's largest dune areas in late afternoon / evening light - sunset is at 9:00 pm (moonrise and set will be at 12:36 pm and 1:05 am)

Due to the additional coordination needed for a day-long event, we are asking that all that plan to attend please RSVP.

* When/Where: We will meet at 3pm at the South Towne Center mall in Sandy (10450 S. State St.) in the parking area west of Dillards on the western side of the mall and carpool from there (see contact info below if you have trouble finding us).  We should be meandering around the dunes by 5:30, and we expect to stay until about 9:00, so that should give us plenty of time to explore.  

Be prepared for trudging up and down the soft slopes of the dunes, have plenty of water and food, and protection from the sun.  It's possible that you'll encounter some rather prickly vegetation, so have appropriate footwear. There are bathroom facilities near the campground areas.

You may want to consider bringing a variety of lenses, and flashes or other lights to experiment with as the sun goes down, I've seen some interesting images created on dunes using light painting and other artificial lighting.  Be sure to bring along a little cash, there may be a vehicle entry fee.

Please RSVP: here.

Contact: Jim Berneike 801-792-3570 or Chris Miller 801-389-2500 

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