Perspectives on Workflows Workshop: Part II on 7-Mar

As a follow-on to Keith Hill's Workflow Workshop, Jeff Clay will concentrate on the successful processing of a number of landscape, travel, architectural and portrait images. From RAW to ready-to-print, upload or export, Jeff will march you through his use of Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as a number of plug-in applications from Photomatix and Nik Software. We will explore black and white conversion, HDR/exposure blending, panorama stitching, keystone correction, luminosity masking, and more.

The time and location are Thursday, 7-March in Conference Room B at the Salt Lake City Library at 7 p.m. See you there!




Fieldtrip this Sunday (10-Feb) to Photograph Bald Eagles at Farmington Bay

We’re heading back to Farmington Bay to photograph the bald eagles that often spend the winter in the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area. Numbers can range into the hundreds during good years, but can also be as low as few to none (as was the case much of last year). We expect to drive along the Unit 1 dike road to the Turpin area parking area.

WHEN/WHERE: Meet at 8:30 AM, Sunday, February 10 at the management area visitor kiosk and management headquarters on 1325 W. Directions: The headquarters is located south of the intersection between Glover Lane (925 South) and 1325 W, west of I-15 and Legacy Highway in Farmington.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Your most powerful zoom and telephoto lens will be most helpful. Easy short to moderate hiking on flat dirt roads.  All visitors to this area should act with restraint and respect, and obey all signs, so as not to frighten wildlife, or otherwise have an adverse effect on the environment.

COST: Free

Please RSVP here.

Contacts: Chris Miller (801-389-2500)

Perspectives on Workflows Workshop: Part I on 5-Feb

Presented by Keith Hill (part I) and Jeff Clay (part II)

Moving images from RAW to finished masterpieces can be frustrating and time consuming. Many struggle with software decisions: how to apply what tools to use and when, whether and how to convert an image to black and white, dodging and burning, blending exposures, etc., etc., etc. These are all elements that help determine your workflows. Developing efficient and effective workflows take time and trial and error and what comes out in the end is something personal. The Wasatch Camera Club will be presenting two nights of workflow development.

The first workshop will include using Lightroom to import, select and develop images. It will also include “bumping” the image into Photoshop for fine tuning. Also included will be using the Export feature to ready your images for a club competition. The second workshop will use many of the same steps as the first, but will include use of plug-ins, black and white conversion, HDR/exposure blending, and panorama stitching. The purpose for two workshops back to back is to show you the different approaches to workflow develop taken by two photographers and to give you the opportunity to try out your own efforts and then return to pose questions.

Bring your laptops if you have one and be prepared to get your workflow sped up! We'll be meeting this Tuesday, 5-Feb in our favorite location Conference Room B at the Salt Lake City Library at 7 p.m. See you there.

Olympic Oval Fieldtrip - January 26

What: Join Wasatch Camera Club members for a visit to the Utah Olympic Oval facility to photograph the Essent ISU World Sprint Speed Skating Championships 2013:

Seating is general admission in the bleachers, and we should be able to periodically stand next to the rink to photograph racers during 500m and 1000m events. This will be an opportunity to obtain images that capture the motion or stop the action of athletes engaged in world class competition.

When/Where: We will meet at 12:30pm Saturday, January 26 in the bleachers inside the oval (look for photographers). Competition begins at 1pm. The oval is located at 5662 South 4800 West in Kearns, UT  (west of the 4700 S exit near the southwest corner of the I-215 loop).  Park on the south side of the oval facility. This fieldtrip will last the duration of the skating events on Saturday.

Other Information/What to bring: Entry fee is $5.00 per person. Flash is NOT permitted. A variety of lenses will be helpful to adapt to a variety of conditions. 

RSVP: Please RSVP to

Contact: Jim Berneike (801-792-3570) or Chris Miller (801-389-2500).

Reading & Photographing Sacred Architecture by Val Brinkerhoff

A special presentation by Val Brinkerhoff has been scheduled for February 27. Val’s fine art print work has been exhibited widely and his photography and writing have been featured in periodicals including Photo Life, Photo Electronic Imaging, Photo Techniques, Darkroom Photography, PhotoGraphic, Modern Photography, BYU Studies, and others.

He will be presenting images of sacred places taken from around the globe. His technique is masterful and the images are very compelling. Find out more here.








Temple Square Christmas Lights Fieldtrip

No place does it better than Temple Square for Christmas lights.  Join us for an early meet and we'll share strategies about night photography, and tune up your season's spirit. We will meet first at 4:30pm to capture the sunset/twilight atmosphere. For those who cannot make it that early, there will be a second meeting time at 5:30pm. We will also try to coordinate a place and time nearby to gather afterwards to exchange images and holiday cheer.

WHEN/WHERE: Meet at  4:30pm (Wed. Dec. 19) at the west entrance gate to Temple Square on West Temple. We will also arrange to meet at the same location at 5:30pm for those who cannot make 4:30pm. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Dress warmer than you usually would (photography doesn’t generate body heat). Zoom lenses can be fun to play with to create motion effects with lights. Don't forget to bring a tripod and cable release as well. For more information on Temple Square Lights click here.

COST: Free!



Lightroom Workshop: In-Depth Use of the Develop Module in Lightroom 4

Join Jon Scarlet on Tuesday, 27-Nov for our Lightroom II workshop. Jon will spend most of the time exploring the Develop module in Lightroom 4 focusing on such things as:

  • crop, straighten, size a photo for printing
  • spot removal, blend or clone
  • red eye removal
  • the graduated filter, what to do when you forgot your polarizer
  • the Adjustment Brush-how to change a focused area of the image
  • the Tone Curve - fine tuning intensity of the image

Open to members, bring your laptops if you have one and be prepared to move your lightrooming up a notch or two!

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