About Us

Almost All About Us

Founded in 1994, the Wasatch Camera Club’s mission is to promote technical skill building through lectures, workshops, field trips, exhibiting, and critiques, as well as to develop an aesthetic view of the art of photography. Today the club has over 400 members. The knowledge and experience gained through association with the club has helped many members prepare to work professionally in the photographic community.

The club is structured to streamline decision-making and reduce the resources required for more formal governance. The club has a president, vice president, and committee directors who develop various club programs. Additionally, the club has a broader group called the Leadership Team comprised of the above and other volunteers. This team to provides more voices in decision-making process and facilitates the implementation of the club’s programs.

As an all-volunteer organization, other members may be asked to help with various projects from time to time such as by leading workshops, assisting with fieldtrips and special events, etc.