Solar Eclipse Photography Resources

The following resources are provided by club member Clint Melander from his presentation on April 20, 2017:


How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse

NASA Total Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Photography Home Page by Miloslav Druckmiller

Photographing the eclipse


Eclipse-Specific Apps App (Dan McGlaun)

Eclipse Calculator (Daniele Cenni)

EclipseFlite (Robert Urschel)

Eclipses (Olav Andrade)

Emerald Observatory for iPad (Emerald Sequoia, LLC)

Solar and Lunar Eclipses: Full and Partial Eclipse Calendar

Solar Eclipse Timer

Total Solar Eclipses App

Eclipse Calculator

EclipseDroid (Wolfgang Strickling)

Mobile Observatory (Wolfgang Zima)

Solar Eclipse 2017 (U.S. Naval Observatory)

Total Solar Eclipse (Exploratorium)

General Astronomy Apps with Eclipse Simulation

SkySafari (Simulation Curriculum)

Shutter Speed Calculator for Solar Eclipses

Magic Lantern

Backyard EOS

Camera Control for Automated Eclipse Imaging

Solar Eclipse Maestro for MacOS X (Xavier M. Jubier)

Umbraphile for MacOS X (Glenn Schneider)

Eclipse Orchestrator for Windows (Fred Bruenjes, Moonglow Technologies, Inc.)

SET'n'C: Solar Eclipse Timer and Camera Controller for Windows

EclipseDroid for Android