Presentation for Exhibiting


Framing is all about presentation. A print is just a print but a framed image is a complete product.

Photographers and painters approach framing from different perspectives. Some want understated frames and mats that simply accent their image. In this case a body of work will like all have a similar look and feel, with regards to framing. Others look at presentation as more than just complementing a piece of work but actually adding to it. They may utilize ornate or rustic frames or special mat treatments and colors.

For most exhibits featuring the work of multiple artists, we would recommend that the photographers lean toward understated framing to help achieve an overall harmony for the exhibit. Black or brown wood, metal or synthetic material is recommended. Colored mats are fine but simple white or off-white is often the best and most universal choice. Double mats look great as do 6-ply or 8-ply (standard mats are 4-ply). Specify acid-free mats for longer life and less fading.

A few words about glass. Regular glass has little UV protection and sometimes, depending upon the manufacturer, a slight color cast. For longevity without sacrificing an arm and a leg, UV/conservation clear glass is often the way to go. Museum glass provides the most clarity but is EXPENSIVE. I have used UV grade acrylic and whilst it is lightweight and easy to handle, it scratches way too easy for my tastes. Read more.


Three well-established framers are offering discounts to Wasatch Camera Club members:

In addition, both Michaels and Reuels have locations in the SLC area and offer both custom framing and assembled frames. Michaels in particular has a large selection of very inexpensive frames that include glass and sometimes matting. (Make sure you replace any claw hangers with wire!)

Other framers that we can recommend are Tanners and Signed and Numbered.


Don't have a pro-level printer at home? There are a number of quality printers around the valley that will do a superlative job for you. Here are two we can recommend:

Additionally, there are two national services that we can recommend: