How to Get More from Your Camera Club

Everyone joins the Wasatch Camera Club because it offers something they like. Whether it's is a workshop, a field trip, the camaraderie of like-minded photographers, or a presentation by a nationally-recognized photographer, there is some offering that triggers a desire to join.

Over the last few years the Wasatch Camera Club has enjoyed strong growth in membership. Now, over 400 members, there is a movement to take the club’s offerings to a higher level, and to ensure the club remains fresh and relevant. To do that we need to have volunteers help with planning, design and delivery.

While the club is meeting many of its members’ needs and interests, there are lots of ways it can do more. However, at present the staff is stretched to keep up with our current offerings. With additional help, we will have more time to plan, coordinate, and execute.

If you’ve thought about helping out the club this is your chance.

The club you build is the club you’ll enjoy.