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End of Year Message 2014

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 16:22

It’s a pleasure to report on a very strong year for your camera club. As many are aware, the club concludes its operational year every August and during the preceding year the numerous offerings the club put together belong squarely in the “win column.”

PhotoOp 14 was perhaps our biggest success with a very well-received presentation by Rick Sammon. He went beyond sharing the standard technical information to include the emotional side of photography that is many times overlooked in this digital age. He was also complimentary toward the audience telling Jeff and me that they “knew their stuff.” The attendees numbered 199 at the Salt Lake Community College’s Miller Auditorium and we added 72 new members who joined as part of their registration.

Close on the heels of PhotoOp 14 as a huge success was the Language of Light Exhibit that began last February. The club enlisted the help of over 37 of its photographers and posted over 185 images in six different Salt Lake City Library branches over a two month period. I believe this has to be the largest exhibit of photographs ever posted in the State’s history. In addition to the enthusiastic participation from club members and the public at large, we were able to hold six receptions where we had a chance to become better acquainted and share mostly photo-related stories.

Overall the club had 38 different offerings that in addition to the above included 11 workshops, 5 field trips, 5 competitions, 2 member critiques and one reasonably nice End of Year meeting. We know of no other non-profit, photo organization that is as active as the Wasatch Camera Club.

In July the club completed its third Member Survey in which we sought your input on a broad number of club-related topics. This year 86 members responded, giving us a large enough sample size that we can use the results to reliably map the whole club’s interests. I won’t go into the report in any depth here, but I can say we’re a group who loves to photograph landscapes. In addition, we have strong interest in workshops and want to meet other photographers. Most gratifying to me is the club’s very high satisfaction with our organization. Eighty-three percent of our members would recommend our club to a friend or relative interested in learning more about photography. As the Donald would say, “This is huge.” (If you’d like to read the entire survey please let me know.)

Membership continues to grow with an estimated 325 members or about a 26% increase from last year. That’s positive on many fronts. First, we’re attracting new faces suggesting what we’re doing is meeting the needs of area photographers. Second and I know I’ve said this before, we are becoming well known in the Utah photographic community enabling us to secure speakers, workshop leaders, competition judges and the valuable support of local retailers. Lastly, while not everyone attends all the club’s offerings, we are able to deepen areas that may have interest to you directly.

Thanks for your support of the club and if you have a suggestion for making it better please let me know.