Until the advent of electronic media, photography has always resulted in the making of prints. Photographs printed on different media were the only methodology for sharing of the images and for many of us in the club; the print is the ultimate expression of photography.

There are several reasons for the Wasatch Camera Club to participate in various exhibits.  The primary reason is for you to experience what it’s like to have your work displayed in a public place and receive recognition for your efforts.  You may also have an opportunity to sell your work at various venues.

A second reason is to allow you to be part of an exhibit without trying to do one solo. It’s much easier to have one or two prints ready for a show than twenty or thirty.  If you want to do your own show, but have not actually done so you can gain experience for your own big event.

Exhibiting the club’s work will also help promote the club within the various communities where it is presented.

Lastly, having a print made, particularly a print larger than eight and half by eleven, will acquaint many with the realities of making a high quality print.  A big print is a much different prospect than showing an image on a smart phone or iPad. Making a big print starts with a high quality image that reveals any processing flaws the photographer made during preparation. These flaws go largely unseen in the lower resolution electronic image. 



Through a series of workshops and seminars to learn how best to present our work to the public. Exhibit club images at galleries and venues around the valley. This provides you the opportunity to show your best work to the public. You will get exposure along the way and turn your club membership into something even more rewarding than it already is.

Of course, there are some guidelines, some of them strict. Technical quality and output quality are the most important and we need to be considerate of our various audiences. That means displaying content that’s reasonably comfortable for viewers of our exhibits. 



All active club members are encouraged to participate. We want to show your work.



Can be found here and will be refined over the next coming weeks.


I hope you are as excited about this as I am and as always if you have any questions or concerns please ask.